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September 08 014 by skyaerobabe September 08 014 :iconskyaerobabe:skyaerobabe 15 4 September 10 013 by skyaerobabe
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GNJ November 12 22 by skyaerobabe
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FIERCE. (GNJ November 12 04) by skyaerobabe FIERCE. (GNJ November 12 04) :iconskyaerobabe:skyaerobabe 4 0

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Heaven and Hell by jay-peg Heaven and Hell :iconjay-peg:jay-peg 20,533 1,720 Water fairy by alexiuss
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This New Testament
Go ahead and think what you wish.
No second guessing this time.
So what if it makes me selfish?
I"m grabbing hold of the reigns
I know you'll build my crucifix.
Because you'd love to see me pay....
I'm one to forgive but never forget.
You shoved me away
Hit me with an empty threat
No defense left but to run away
Poison the weak with a warped mindset
Like Judas, I betray...
Miles distance us
but the damage remains on both ends
Broken trust
and all i do always offends
someone,somehow,tragedy lust.
Somehow I never see us making amends...
Because you'd love to see me pay....
I'm one to forgive but never forget.
You shoved me away
Hit me with an empty threat
No defense left but to run away
Poison the weak with a warped mindset
Like Judas, I betray...
Find a way to make me the liar you always saw in me
Find a way to contort the truth like you always have
Leave all your disciples in holy awe to set yourself free
Leave my heart broken permanently broken in half
Like the Jesus you always wanted
:icon30sec2mars:30sec2mars 1 1
End of Today.
Please tell me there's something worth fighting for.
The toxic air outside crawls through the windows
I thought I heard death knocking on the front door,
with an entourage of sinners and widows.
As we lie still on this bedroom floor.
The foundation shakes with a threat of war.
The power flickers with the blink of an eye.
Wondering how we let it  get this far.
The point of life,they say,is to die.
We built this with bare hands
but the civillians tore it away.
Where ever the missile lands
won't see another day.
Are we the next victims?
Should we run and hide?
I have a disease,I'm showing the symptoms.
I loved and lied.
I lived and died.
:icon30sec2mars:30sec2mars 1 1
I always pictured myself standing next to you
To pull you from the flames before you burned
As a purpose this is what I was meant to do
Until a change in the tide rendered the lesson learned.
I'm not a wall of stone.
You say I can make it on my own.
And it wears me down to bone.
And by now you should have known
The unsinkable sink to the unknown.
You cast me away, leave a ripple in the ocean.
Leaving me to drown,I fall beneath the tide.
Seperation, an inconceiveable notion.
A promise is forever,unless you have lied.
Holding the puppet strings to my emotion.
I'm not a wall of stone.
You say I can make it on my own.
And it wears me down to bone.
And by now you should have known
The unsinkable sink to the unknown.
(You said you'd never let go.
But I'm fading faster.
You said you'd never let go
But youre already gone.)
You can try to make me believe
But I'm quickly reaching the bottom.
Downfall of the nieve.
My cries you chose to ignore.
:icon30sec2mars:30sec2mars 1 0
This deadly sin,
the one i hid,
For once, I must give in.
Entangled, we are.
I can't tell where I end and you begin.
:icon30sec2mars:30sec2mars 1 0
Let Go Of Reality by NovemberxNight Let Go Of Reality :iconnovemberxnight:NovemberxNight 17 7 Run by NovemberxNight Run :iconnovemberxnight:NovemberxNight 19 2
Dreams of a Lost Childhood
It was so much simpler back then.
Back then I could ride to Fairyland on a Unicorn's back and know it was real. I could search for Dragons and Mermaids, Centaurs and Flying Monkeys. My dog could talk and ask me pretty please if he could go for a walk. I could tell my teddy anything and everything and he could help me solve all my problems.
But if any of that happened now it could only ever be a dream...
:icondreaming-is-freedom:Dreaming-is-Freedom 2 1
Joy of Reading...
The book lay in the chest, just waiting to be opened. You take it. Look at the leather binding and know there is something special about it that you have never encountered before. So you open it and stroke the feathery pages, because you feel they need to be cherished. They are yellow, stained and soft at the edges, but there is something about it you cannot resist. So you turn the first page and begin to read…
Release the story.
Let it consume.
Be wrapped by fabric the words weave for you.
Let it inspire,
Let it create,
Let it take you to a place where the troubles of the world are far away.
It makes you laugh,
It makes you cry,
It makes you wish
That things were different here.
That dreams would come true,
And good can conquer evil,
And love is all you need to survive.
Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet,
And you will live happily ever after.
And you close the book, hug it to your chest and go out into a word with crime and war, hate and greed, and you vow to
:icondreaming-is-freedom:Dreaming-is-Freedom 1 2
5 Short Minutes...
Tick tick tick.
12:30 am

She curled on her sofa, waiting, waiting…
Waiting for him to come back to her. Because deep down she knew he would.
12:31 am
He waited outside her apartment, contemplating what to do. He wanted so badly just to walk in there, take her in his arms and kiss her.
So what was stopping him?
12:32 am
Memories of him flashed through her head. Walking on the beach in summer, holding hands in the cinema, kissing in the rain.
But his face had disappeared among thousands of others as he left her sobbing on a park bench.
12:33 am
Tears swum in his eyes as he remembered leaving her. He had to. His parents had disowned him because he was with her and he couldn't sever the ties with his family, his support.
But he had soon realised it wasn't worth it, nothing was worth losing her. Nothing.
So he took a deep breath to steady himself and knocked on her door.
12:34 am
She froze. There he was, she was sure. Stiffly she got up and padded ove
:icondreaming-is-freedom:Dreaming-is-Freedom 2 2



There is a page on facebook supporting puppies. Their current post is about "liking" the post and then going to an app, and voting on puppies to get funding for medical treatments. Please, don't support this. Why, you might ask?  It's because I do not support people who donate to charity only to be viewed as of a higher social status in their peers. That's not the only reason, simply the lesser of two evils. The main reason is because, yes, while this is gaining funding for the pups, they are leaving it up to a vote to decide which pups get the funding and which don't - in essence, who lives and who dies. This is low, despicable, horrid and ​wrong.​ People are supporting this cause, thinking they are saving the lives of puppies, but don't you understand that they are also condemning other pups to a struggle with death since they didn't recieve funding. If every person who supported that post would only donate $1, every pup could have it's life saved. ​Every last one.​ Rather than relying on a vote to see which gets more support. Again, I repeat this is low and despicable and my faith in humanity has been absolutely shattered by this.
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